Deep beneath the surface, at the very heart of existence,

Beauty is born.

Timeless, yet so evanescent. Genuine in its imperfection.

Emerged from within, it rises higher and higher, reaching for the stars.

The greatest spectacle called Life.

The End sets our paths’ direction, but the meaning is to be found in

the Beginning.

Natural stones have been known as the greatest gift of all for thousands of years. The jewels of ineffable beauty desired by the high and mighty of this world became a symbol of power and wealth. The wise, on the other hand, sought to unleash and surround themselves with the mysterious force hidden in the minerals. Right now, when our bodies and souls are longing for harmony more than ever before, let’s feel the energy that flows straight from the Source.

With the newest autumn/winter collection Looks by Luks calls for a moment of rest in this hectic modern life. In the 2021/2022 season we pause to ponder how it all began, thanks to the organic gifts of Nature - the natural stones, which inspired us to create four original prints:

Natasza Kwiatkowska

Soul at Peace

The Soul at Peace print by Natasza Kwiatkowska, forms a spiritual collage of stones, an artistic interpretation of the power of Amethysts, with the phases of the moon accompanied by a symbolic mirror in the background. It reminds us of the human spiritual realm that requires a little pampering.

Magda Piesta

Serene Mind

TheSerene Mind pattern by Magda Piesta, is inspired by one of the most precious natural stones, Tourmaline, with its incredible variety of forms and eye-catching colors.

Origin is

the wisdom of crystals.

They show us that it’s worth looking deep under the surface, beyond the often misleading appearance. They help us to remove negative emotions and achieve the purity of mind. Opening us to the world, the stones also teach us to love ourselves and motivate us to discover our true desires. Just like us born of Mother Earth. For everything begins inside her. Everything will return there eventually, completing the circle of life…

AW'21/22 promo video

The Origin path led us to a truly enchanted place, all the way to the city of Kielce in Poland - to the very heart of the Świętokrzyskie Mountains. There, first in the Nordkalk limestone mine called Miedzianka and then in the Kopulak quarry, we brought to life our vision of the beginning of existence. We couldn't have dreamed of a more picturesque landscape that would visualize the concept of our photo shoot so well. Instead of models, we invited two amazing dancers - Dorota Kowalewska, a 57-year-old actress, for many years associated with the Musical Theater in Gdynia, and Natalia Cedrowicz, a ballet dancer of the Baltic Opera, who at the age of 24 years have already danced for 20! Let’s not forget about the incredible, eight-year-old ballerina Malu - literally a born dancer - in a guest appearance.

The mesmerizing photos taken on that memorable day are the fruits of hard work in really extreme conditions! In Nordkalk, we descended 90 meters to reach a beautiful turquoise spring hidden among sand and stones. We were welcomed by 50 degrees heat, which was a real challenge for the constantly moving dancers covered from head to toe. The grace and class with which they played a whole range of emotions, so beautifully captured by Natalia Miedziak-Skonieczna, moved us to tears. In the Kopulak quarry, which we initially visited with a guide, the dark red sandstone surrounding us on all sides beautifully “acted" as the background for our collection’s message.

In search of the source of existence, we also traveled to the Balearic Islands. It was there, in one of the most picturesque islands of the world - Ibiza, that the second photo shoot for the Origin collection took place. Although it is widely known for its famous parties, back in the 1970s the island became the cradle of the hippie culture, rooted in the sphere of spirituality and self-awareness. It is considered one of the most magnetic points on Earth, thus a place of incredible energy. This alone justified selecting Ibiza as the setting of the second photoshoot for our latest Looks by Luks campaign. Ibiza and its dramatic coast, full of incredible rock formations shooting from the crystal turquoise waters, perfectly depicts the magical message of our collection, born of love for the most beautiful gifts of Nature: stones and crystals.

We decided to choose two amazing beaches: Punta Galera and Cala Llentafor the location, to feel the ancient power enchanted in the surrounding rocks and express this magical atmosphere in the photos. Punta Galera is an old stone quarry that was created next to the sea, which left stone platforms just next to the water. One can feel a deep, undisturbed connection with nature in this place. Cala Llentia, colloquially known as "Stonehenge of Ibiza", features the "Time & Space'' installation designed by Australian artist Andrew Rogers. This kind of a sundial is also believed to have extraordinary magnetic powers. Both of these places were the perfect background for our collection. The magic of crystals, expressed in the Origin's prints, harmonized perfectly with the stunning nature of this beautiful island. We invited truly unique people to work on the project - a Polish supermodel Małgorzata Guzowska and Sarah Qaisar, a model of British origin who lives in Ibiza. In the lens of the talented photographer Mario Alzate, a citizen of the World who lived and worked in Colombia, New York, Miami and Tulum so far, they are like precious stones - hypnotizing, fascinating and mesmerizing with natural beauty. You cannot take your eyes off them.

give yourself a bit of magic



Serene Mind Turban No.2
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Inner Strength Haori Kimono
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We do hope that the effort and heart put into the work of the entire team on Origin can be seen both in the unforgettable shots and in the products we offer this season. All the Looks by Luks products have been sewn in Poland from ecological fabrics since the very beginning, in accordance with the idea of slow fashion and zero waste. As a brand, we focus on multifunctionality, creating products that can be worn in many different ways and combinations.

Looks by Luks will donate part of the profit from the Origin collection to the Świętokrzyskie Mountains Geopark, which focuses on promoting the unique geological and cultural heritage and using it in sustainable tourism. The first Polish geopark with the prestigious UNESCO status since April 2021 keeps confirming its global reputation by creating local cooperation networks and fostering local tourist products based on unique geology and local traditions

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